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We are a czech company specializing on import from China and other asian countries and also export to China. We have an office in Přerov, Czech Republic, but majority of our team is located directly in China. After years of living there, we have extensive knowledge about customs and differences of this country, we can communicate in local language and navigate ourselves in chaotic conditions.


Why to choose us?

We have knowledge and experience

Members of our team have been dealing with export and import from and to China for few years already. After years of studying chinese language and culture at universities both in Czech and China, they decided to establish a company where they could make use of their knowledge and skills. During there stay in China, they already visited numerous companies and factories in every corner of China and gathered invaluable experience with local habits, as well as with all aspects of international trade with China. Mainly how to communicate with chinese partners the right way and how to ensure that quality of products will meet high standards of european market.

We make ourselves understood

Aside from english and chinese, we can handle also other world languages including russian and some of the chinese dialects. In our team we have sinologists as well as native chinese speakers, who know not only the language, but also cultural and social habits. That opens doors to establishing more personal contact with chinese partners and achieving more favourable bussiness deals.

We are everywhere you need us to be

We are in Europe as well as in Asia, always where you need us to be. You can meet with us in Czech and discuss your bussiness intentions, demands or questions in person. Afterwards we can immediatelly contact and visit suppliers in Asia without having to undertake the long process of applying for visa.

We don't limit ourselves only to China

One of contemporary trends is relocation of manufacturing from China to neighbouring countries with cheaper labour and production costs. We are trying to adapt and catch up with that trend. We are able to find you a supplier also in other countries of southeast Asia including Vietnam, Philippines, India or Indonesia.