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Are you interested in importing products from Asia, but don't know how to start? How to find a supplier, how to transport the goods to your country, and mainly how to make sure everything goes without complications and products will be in demanded quality?

In that case, the easiest thing to do is to send us an inquiry. We will take care of everything else.


How does it work?


- Send us description of demanded product together with it's quantity either through the inquiry form on this webpage, or directly to mailbox: kubik@molatrade.com. If you prefer more personal approach, you can call us on czech phone number +420 732 111 466, visit our office in Přerov, or set up a meeting wherever you like. The more details about the required product you give us, the faster we can find suitable suppliers for you. If you have only a basic idea about what you want, we can get you catalogues from manufacturers so that you can choose what you desire.

- During one week we will contact manufacturers and send you our offers with the lowest price. All of that for free without any commitments. If you are not satisfied with that offer, we will find other suppliers. If needed, we can get you delivered samples from various manufacturers.

- If you are interested in our offer, we can go straight to ordering the goods, but we recommend verification of the suppliers done by one of our colleagues in Asia. He will visit the chosen suppliers, verify their reliability and try to bargain further discounts. He will send you photos afterwards. This is a paid service, price will be calculated upon the number of visited factories.

- After settling all the details, we sign a contract together, you transfer the 30% deposit for manufacturer to our czech bank account and we will order manufacturer to start the production.

- When the production is finished, we will perform a quality inspection in the factory to give you a guarantee, that products meet all quality requirements. This quality inspection is included in our Import products service, but we recommend you to order additional inspections during the course of production, or during loading before shipping, so that you can be absolutely sure that everything is exactly as should be.

- We will arrange for sea or air transportation for your goods, go through customs procedures and deliver it straight to a destination of your choice.

- You transfer the rest of payment to us after receiving delivery.


We also offer assistance for chosen steps. For example, if you have already chosen your supplier, we can provide services to ensure smooth course of production and transportation of goods to chosen destination.