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Have you ever paid your Chinese supplier and received a defective product or nothing at all?

Do you no longer see any hope of reaching an agreement to rectify the situation or compensate through negotiations with the supplier?
Or did the supplier stop responding completely? Wondering if there is still a chance to get what you paid for or get your money back?
What should be your next step?

Contact us!


Send us detailed information related to the case and an explanation of the context, including the current communication with a business partner. Based on this information, we will professionally assess the case and then propose a suitable procedure for its solution. We will perform a complete legal analysis with a Chinese law firm, where we will verify whether your claim / dispute is resolvable. We specialize in long-term debt collection and trade dispute resolution. We will help you find a quick and effective solution to your problem, including those you thought were long lost.


We also offer other legal services to help you avoid unpleasant situations and losses, including:

  1. Audits of the target company on the market
  2. Contracts and agreements:
    purchase agreements, quality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, supply agreements, settlement agreements, intellectual property, license agreements, authorization letter
  3. Legal letter to the party who breached the agreement / contract, calling for a remedy and as a final warning before taking legal action.
  4. Representation of clients in negotiations with a counterparty in China.
  5. Representation of clients in litigation and arbitration in China.
  6. Permanent legal advisor for companies and individuals.
  7. Registration of intellectual property in China and other countries.